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Jobs at Red Wings Airlines : Latest Careers Available

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Promotes and maintains a “just” company culture allowing for open and honest communication to ensure that staff feel safe and appreciated

·        Reports to AM and acts on behalf of the AM in his absence

·        Emergency Director

·        Manages the Flight Operational Personnel according to the Organization Structure

·        Coordinates appropriate operational activities with applicable leadership

·        Exercises authority and supervision over the preplanning, execution and termination phase of flight operations in a safe, efficient and economical manner

·        Supports the AM in ensuring that adequate resources are available to meet the company and regulatory requirements

·        Monitors changes to applicable laws, regulations or other information pertaining to aviation activities and promulgate these within the company

·        Ensures that information contained in the GOM is kept up-to-date, present the GOM to the Competent Authority for acknowledgment/approval

·        Responsible for the administration, issue and distribution of the GOM

·        Reports all accidents and incidents during or regarding flight operations that come to his attention, to the authority

·        Ensures that all NAV database subscriptions are uninterrupted (this is a Maintenance Control function)

·        Electronic Flight Bag Administrator and responsible for all topics related to the EFB and required documentation. If required, he coordinates all required issues to establish and EFB system across the fleets (e.g. set up an EFB trial phase, all required statistics, prepare required requests for the Authorities etc.)

·        Determines the qualifications of the flight crew to be employed

·        Determines the flight operational standards and practices, and ensures their compliance with all relevant national and international regulations and with the provisions of the FAA.

·        Evaluates operational safety data at least every 3 months to identify trends in a close cooperation with the Safety Manager. Based on trends identified through the reporting system by the Safety Department he decides on the appropriate action and implements it accordingly

·        Delegates his duties through a handover to a designated Chief Pilot

·        Maintains daily oversight of operations and gives appropriate direction to all operations departments

·        Has oversight and gives direction to HOCC (or operations service provider)

·        Assesses and initiates the development of OCC procedures

·        Responsible for maintaining and efficient and productive relationship between the commercial department and OCC/Flight Operations

·        Timely communicates accidents/incidents and occurrences he becomes aware of to the safety manager

·        Informs the Safety Department of changes which might affect safety and for which a Management Change is required

·        Acts on actions raised on Centrik Safety module within due date, if not possible he will request a relevant motivated extension. If he disagrees on action raised, he rejects the actions providing an explanation

·        Regularly attends Safety Meetings

List Of Jobs

Aviation Maintenance TechnicianMaintenanceBay City WI
Citation XL First OfficerPilotsGateway cities
Simulator TechnicianTrainingBay City WI
Citation Ultra First OfficerPilotsGateway cities
Citation Ultra CaptainPilotsGateway cities
Citation XL CaptainPilotsGateway cities
Interior SpecialistMaintenanceBay City WI
Maintenance ControlMaintenanceBay City WI
Aircraft Upholstery SpecialistMaintenanceBay City WI
Training and Flight Operations AdministratorTrainingBay City WI


Required Education and Experience:

  • Must meet the qualifications of FAR 119.65
  • Previous flight operations and leadership experience preferred

Specific skills:

  • Good knowledge of the General Operations Manual, FAA regulations, operations specifications, flight manuals, and other pertinent information relating to duties.
  • Excellent written, verbal skills, and interpersonal skills, including dispute resolution and objective discipline.
  • Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to learn new software platforms.

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